Utkal University

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The International Office  is part of the University’s Central Administration and offers services to international students and scholars at Utkal University, the graduate and professional schools, as well as the numerous research centers and affiliated teaching hospitals, to minimize the difficulties they may experience both upon arrival and later during their stay at Utkal University. 


The International Office  was established in 2018 to respond to the needs of a growing number of international students, resulting from the closing of universities in Europe and Asia. At the time there were 250 students from overseas who needed assistance with the settling-in process and advice in complying with Indian Government regulations. The original mission of the office remains the same, but the international population has grown to over 10,000 international students and scholars, many of whom are accompanied by family members.

Since its inception, the international office has acted as a liaison between international students and scholars and the Indian government agencies that have jurisdiction over their stay here. Through the years, the international office has played an increasingly important role in advocacy with government agencies and legislators on issues concerning international students and scholars.