Utkal University

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Our Goal

Future Plan of Action

A) Community Connection and Publicise Strengths
  1. Strategic partnership programs with universities and NGOs.
  2. Academic exchange agreements and MOUs.
  3. Enhanced institutional reputation activities.
  4. Student and teacher on International mobility.
  5. Visitor centre Initiatives with Mobile APP service.
  6. International educational link up with Industries.
B) Student and Scholar Services :
  1. International Student advisory board.
  2. Support Services by department and Library.
  3. Short term courses / Foundation Courses.
  4. Diversity and Leadership Programs.
  5. Developing and managing international opportunities for students.
  6. Mobility of funds and travel grant.
C) International Exchange Program:s
  1. International education link up with Universities.
  2. Teaching and knowledge exchange between departments and interdisciplinary centres.
  3. Seminar, Workshop and conference programmes.
  4. Programmes on international profile-building.
D) Student Life and Security
  1. International hostel service and fooding.
  2. Multicultural Activities.
  3. Volunteering sessions
  4. VISA and Immigration Service
  5. e-FRRO service
  6. Health and travel Insurance.

Our Mission

Inviting visiting scholars both senior Professors and younger research scholars to the campus who can interact with the students of Utkal University in specific workshop modes or round table discussions

Increase the scope of the Study in India (SIP) and Study Abroad Programmes (SAP).

Our Vision

Provide a base to assist International and Indian scholars for career advancement and contribute towards enhancing bilateral relations.

Commencement of teaching of International languages on the campus may encourage the students of Utkal University to seek jobs abroad. In addition to Japanese language which has already made its presence felt, the possibility of teaching of other languages such as French, German and Spanish may also be thought of.