Utkal University


1. Introduction

These rules define the procedure for the admission of international students to various courses of Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, (ODISHA) . These rules are based on General Guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Association of Indian Universities and Statutory/Regulatory directives issued from time to time.

2. The Office

The International Office shall provide necessary guidance for admission of foreign students to the various courses run in the University. All correspondence related to international students should be addressed to the International Office, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, (ODISHA) India.

3. International Students


Foreign Student: Students holding passports issued by foreign countries including Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries.


Persons of Indian Origin (PIO): PIO shall mean the Persons who are citizens of other countries (except Pakistan and Bangladesh) who at any time held an Indian Passport, or who or either of his parents of any of his grand parents was a citizen of India by virtue of the provisions of the Constitution of India or Sec 2 (b) of Citizenship Act, 1955 (Act No.

57 of 1955).


Non-Resident Indians (NRIs): Only those Non Resident Indian students who have studied and passed the qualifying examinations from schools or colleges in foreign countries will be treated as international students. This will include the students studying in the schools or colleges situated in the foreign countries even if affiliated to the Boards of Secondary, Higher secondary Education or Universities located in India, but will not include students studying in those schools and colleges (situated in India) and affiliated to the Boards Secondary Higher Secondary examinations from Boards or Universities located in foreign countries as external students and Dependents of NRI studying in India will not merit the status of international Students.

4. Documents required for admission of international students i)

VISA: All the international students shall require a student VISA endorsed to the Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, (ODISHA) for joining the full time courses. Foreign students admitted to Utkal University shall obtain a STUDENT VISA in the name of Utkal University on the basis of admission within one Month from the date of admission for the prescribed duration of the course. A copy of this VISA is to be submitted in the office of Director, international Office, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, (ODISHA)..

01. Students wishing to join a research programme will require a research VISA endorsed to the Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, (ODISHA) India. The visa should be valid for prescribed duration of the course.

02. VISA is not required for NRI students.


Certificate from Association of Indian Universities (AIU): The course on which eligibility is relied upon must be included in the list of the Association of Indian

Universities (AIU). In case the University/Board is not included in the said list, the candidate has to obtain and submit Equivalence Certificate to this effect from the Association of Indian Universities.

Submission of Equivalence Certificate from AIU is mandatory for foreign nationals.

The AIU address is given below:

The Secretary General

Association of Indian Universities

AIU House,

16, Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg

New Delhi-110002

Phone No. (91) – 11-23230059; (91) – 11-23232429

Fax No.(91) – 11-23232131

E-mail: aiu@dell2.vsnl.net.in

Website: http://www.aiuweb.org


Prior Security Clearance: All international students desiring to undertake admission in any course/programme must obtain prior security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the approval of Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and this must be on the research visa endorsed to the university or institution concerned.


Attestation by concerned Embassy/High Commission/Consulate: All attestation must be done by the concerned Embassy/High Commission/Consulate of the relevant country in India. The document without attestation shall be summarily rejected.


Attested Transcripts: Candidate applying from their own country should get their transcripts of certificates attested by the concerned accredited authorized Government Agency and also duly certified by the Indian Embassy or Consulate as the case may be Attested copies of Senior School Certificate/Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree or equivalent thereof should be attached.


Character Certificate: A Character Certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended









Commission/Consulate should be submitted.


Medical Certificate: All the international students have to undergo the medical examination and get the medical fitness certificate. As per government rules all international students entering India on student visa have to be tested for HIV and will not be given admission if found to be positive.


Registration in Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO): Within 14 days of arrival in India, the international student has to register his/her name with the police in the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) of the local police. For this the

Following documents shall be submitted by the admitted students to the Office of the , International Office:

a) Photocopy of the Passport

b) Photocopy of the VISA

c) Proof of Residence

d) Proof of Admission

e) Four Passport Size photographs


HIV Report.

i) Eligibility Qualifications: International students should fulfill the minimum eligibility condition prescribed for admission as per the requirements of the course applied for. HOWEVER, such candidates shall NOT be required to undergo the admission entrance test. In case applications are received in excess against the allotted seats in particular course, interse merit will be prepared.

5. Last date for Receipt of Application Form: Last date for Receipt of Application Form duly completed in all respects will be 31st July of every academic session.

6. Hostel Facilities: University endeavors to provide hostel facilities to almost all outstation students. Each hostel is provided with indoor and outdoor facilities for games and sports. Recreation facility like T.V. sets is also provided. The detail of hostel fee can be obtained from the offices of Chief Wardens (Boys & Girls Hostels), Utkal University.


Important Telephone Numbers & Email of Utkal University Functionaries: Mobile No- 9861048742

Email- internationaloffice@utkaluniversity.ac.in


Cancellation of Admission: The admitted students should note that his/her admission stands automatically cancelled if:


He/She fails to obtain long term Student/Research Visa in the name of the Utkal University, only from the Indian Embassy in his/her country on the basis of the letter of provisional admission.


He/She fails to produce Original Statement of marks/grade point average certificate of the last qualifying examination or equivalent thereof at the time of admission.


He/She is found to be medically unfit.


He/She fails to fulfill any condition of eligibility for admission to the Course.