Utkal University

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Who We Are?

Brief History

Established in 1943, Utkal University is currently celebrating its 75th year. Founded on enriching values, the university is committed to providing students a holistic environment for promoting their competency and efficiency.

A journey through the memory lanes of Utkal University makes one proud of the glorious intellectual traditions with robust international presence during its initial years.

Our Core Values

The inherent potential of this University as a Centre of Excellence for International Collaboration, in this part of India is strongly felt.

Therefore, establishing an International Office at Utkal University acquired the needed momentum. The Syndicate of Utkal University, the highest decision making body has approved the proposal of establishing an International Collaboration Cell in January 2018.


To internationalize Higher Education in Odisha by instilling cosmopolitanism on the campus and making the university community realize the role of cultural diversity and national imagination in the quest for knowledge.

Locating the quest for knowledge on a global platform thereby increasing the employability, wider outreach and greater recognition of the local scholarship ensuring the global visibility of Utkal University

Creating leaders who think globally and act locally.


To be the leading teaching and research institute of distinction by promoting the welfare of our society through innovation, cooperation and collaboration. The University aspires to be the leading centre for internationalization of higher education in the eastern region of the country.

Internationalization strategy will explore the possibility of convergence and synergy with other programmes running parallel through funding of State government, Government of India in form of RUSA, grant for New Campus and other Grants of similar nature.